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Can't he write his name ? (1) 他不能写他的名字吗? (2) 他不会写他的名字吗? He can't write his name. (1) 他不能写他的名字. (2) 他不会写他的名字。 这里(1) 的 can't 是 不能,也就是说,他不是不会写,而是出于某种原因,不能够写。 某...

It is the white lilies living quietly in my room making me happy everyday. 就是这些静静开放在房间里的白色百合花,让我每一天都过的很开心。

连词成句can draw sarah kung and do fu cartoons

1His mother is ill today。他的母亲今天病了。 2Here are some flowers for you.这里有些花给你。 3The boy has a bad cold.这男孩得了严重的感冒。 4Open your books,please.请打开你的书。 5What is wrong with you?你有什么麻烦?

I can write my card 我可以写我的卡片 Do you want to send a card? 你想寄一张卡片么 She likes the christmas tree 她喜欢这个圣诞树 We sing special songs at christmas 我们在圣诞节唱特殊的歌

1. Can I help you? 我能为你做些什么? 2. When are you going?你什么时候去? 3. What are you going to do tomorrow?你明天打算做什么? 4. I’m going to visit grandparents. 我要去看望祖父母。 5. It is next to the hospital. 它紧邻医院...

He's not good at Chinese

为您解答 He always shows us all the lovely roses he grows. 他总给我们大家看他种的可爱的玫瑰

what is that?那是什么

We can have a party of birthday for both you and me. 我们一起举办我们的生日晚会。


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