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I really can't speak English, and I can talk to you all with Baidu.can you speak chinese ?where are you from?

I really can't speak English. Honestly, I can't speak English.

如果不告我真相,我是不会离开 的 Not telling me the truth, deductible I is not focusing on the contents of

I can't speak English except this sentence that I'm saying and I'm not joking.

If you really think so, then Ireally don't want explain it again. I won't explain it anymore.

落花有意流水无情… 也许就是没缘分吧

1. I was really scared。but scream really help 2. Before trying it。you’ll never know 3. DO you know where we can eat fast you 4. Let us ask what when the band began to 5. it is always very busy。so come early for a bit

I won't flatter you with sweet and flowery words, I only treat you with my utmost sincerity.

Am I really like the society like this? 望楼主采纳!

虽然我可能真的只是你人生中的一个过客,但你不会再遇到第二个我了,照顾好自己 Although I may really be just a passer in your life, you will not meet the second one again, take care of yourself.


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