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Finally, I found the true love belongs to me.

I hope you can soonly find your true love

seek for pure love pure love也是真爱的意思,英语有的时候不能直译 or seek for true love

真爱 true love 有不会的可以再问我

True love is when you think of this man, you will wish him happy peace, you will want to accompany him forever, when you have to leave, what do you want to leave with him. In the lonely night, missing a flood, holding a book in...

如今,网络提供了更多的交友机会,一些人通过网络找到了真爱. Today, the network provides more opportunities for friends, some people find true love through the network. 如今,网络提供了更多的交友机会,一些人通过网络找到了真爱. Tod...

Once meeting your true love, never shy away.一旦遇到真爱,千万不要错过

翻译是:You are my true love, my life, my everything! 句子解释: true love n. 真爱; [例句]Maybe one day you'll find true love 也许有一天你会找到真爱。 my 英[maɪ] 美[maɪ] adj. 我的(I的所有格形式); int. 啊呀; 天啊; [例...

你好 真爱来自我们的心中。 翻译成英语是: True love comes from our hearts.

Where is my true love?我的真爱在哪里? Where is my Mr.Right? 我正确的那个人在那里? (那个人是男的~) 意义:我真名天子在那里? Where is my Miss.Right?我正确的那个人在那里? (那个人是女的~) 意义:我真名天女在那里?


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