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是这首歌,DNCE - Cake By The Ocean

歌曲:baby 歌手:justin bieber ohh wooaah ohh wooaah ohh wooaah you know you love me,i know you care 你知道你爱我,我知道你会在意 you shout whenever, and i'll be there 无论何时只要你呼唤,我就会出现在那里 you want my love, you wa...

能多一点提示么... 很多歌都差不多这样吧 = = 知道鸟... 不会是 Here with you 吧 Asher Monroe 的

Crazy Baby是不是 你听下 不是就算了 感觉这首歌蛮像的 很多拍游戏视频的用

Usher - 《Scream》 绝对是这一首。 满意望采纳哈~

应该是Caron Nightingale 的Promises Don't Come Easy,希望对你有帮助

Make Me Wanna Die - The Pretty Reckless Take me I'm alive Never was a girl with a wicked mind But everything looks better when sun goes down I had everything Opportunities for eternity And I could belong to the night Your eyes ...

I Need Love - Laura Pausini I´d cross the desert to be where you are All the things I´d do to be close to you A million miles wouldn´t seem that far I´d go anywhere just to win your heart But wherever this l...

按照描述歌词”oh baby ~“出自歌曲《What Makes You Beautiful》。 《What Makes You Beautiful》 歌手:One Direction 所属专辑:《What Makes You Beautiful》 发行时间:2011-10-31 发行公司:索尼音乐 歌词: You're insecure 你感到不安 Don...


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