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Reduce 减少的意思 英语:make less, decrease Reduce= to cut down 同义词:cut down, step down, weaken (视情况而用)

re·duce /rɪˈdus, -ˈdyus/ 1.to bring down to a small erextent,size,amount,number,etc.: to reduce one's weight by 10 pounds. 2.to lower in degree,intensity,etc.: to reduce the speed of a car. 3.to bring down to a l...

decompression 英[ˌdi:kəmˈpreʃn]美[ˌdikəmˈprɛʃən] 泄压; 减压,解压; 失压; 除压

请你看这道关于万有引力的题: If the distance between two masses is increased by a factor of 5, the gravitational force of attraction between them will a. increase by a factor of 5 b. remain Same c. reduce by a factor of 25 d. r...

形容词: slow (in thought or action)或obtuse 名词: dullness 如: be slow in reacting; react slowly 反应迟钝 slow of understanding

reduce[英][riˈdju:s] [美][rɪˈdus, -ˈdjus] vt.换算; 约束; 使变为; 使变弱; vi.减少; 减轻体重; [生物学](细胞)减数分裂; (液体)浓缩变稠;

降价: 1. price reduction 其它相关解释: 例句与用法: 1. 我们调查证实过了。恐怕我将不得不取消这笔生意,除非您降价。 That has been confirmed by our survey. I'm afraid I'll have to cancel the deal unless you reduce your price. 2. 您...

reduce screen time 减少屏保时间

Smoking is not allowed at work time by our company. Finally, lots of employees have to give up smoking or reduce smoking frequency.

reduce you to tears 让你掉眼泪 词条:reduce 词义:(PHRASE短语) 使…落泪 英英释义:If someone or something reduces you to tears, they make you feel so unhappy that you cry. 【例句】The attentions of the media reduced her to tea...


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